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Today's industry is dominated by the prevalence of networked IT systems. Businesses must take stock of their assets and provide an environment that protects the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of their data. The Falkland Group Engineering Services include architectural analysis, vulnerability scanning, and mitigation planning. The Falkland Group specializes in independent network and system risk assessments and analyses. Our Engineering Team will use a battery of web, wireless, network and host based tools to assess the security posture of your site or system.

However, what sets the Falkland Group apart is their level of support after the initial scans have completed. The Falkland Group will present your management team and your engineering staff with comprehensive easy to understand reports that detail the results of the scan activity. The report will include detailed remediation recommendations, an easy to understand risk severity rating system, and remediation cost analyses. This will allow you to direct your resources to the risks that are most critical to you first, while preparing out year remediation plans for risks that do not pose an immediate threat. The Falkland Group brings the experience necessary to customize their vulnerability assessments to your individual business process. While many risks are common to all operating environments, your business is unique in its operating procedures, business partners and internal structure. The Falkland Group will tailor their recommendations to the way you do business.

The Falkland Group specializes in the formulation of Organizational Security Policy, performing Risk Assessments (DIACAP, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST), Security Program Planning, and Security Education and Awareness Training.

Meet Leigh Ann Hurd, the CEO of the Falkland Group and Head of the Information Assurance and Engineering Divisions. Ms. Hurd brings 10 years of experience in the Military, Federal and commercial sectors of information assurance. Her drive and determination to succeed are evident in every assignment the Falkland Group executes.

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