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Risk Analysis in terms of computer security, is a systematic and comprehensive examination of an organization in terms of its policies, procedures and countermeasures against improper or unauthorized use of data or computing resources. Every organization is susceptible to a number of threats. These threats can vary greatly based on your industry, your organizational structure, and your logical protections. In today's highly distributed computing environments, it is necessary to systematically and methodically assess the evolving risks to your business.

Risk Analysis is a broad topic that encompasses a company's commitment to information security throughout the lifecycle of a product, a system or a network. A comprehensive risk analysis evaluates the value of a resource in relation to possible threats and their likelihood of occurrence. The result is a clear and concise picture of the most damaging risks facing your most precious assets. These assets include intellectual property, computer hardware, software, data, manpower, and customer confidence and trust. The Falkland Group provides this information to senior management in concise easy to understand reports. The Falkland Group risk matrices then go one step further; they suggest possible countermeasures to the identified risk. Senior management can then choose to implement one or all of the recommendations based on priority, cost, or schedule. It is vital that businesses today do due diligence when defending against risk. Let the Falkland Group help simplify and fortify your defenses through a comprehensive risk management partnership today.

The Falkland Group specializes in the formulation of Organizational Security Policy, performing Risk Assessments (DIACAP, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST), Security Program Planning, and Security Education and Awareness Training.

Meet Leigh Ann Hurd, the CEO of the Falkland Group and Head of the Information Assurance Division. Ms. Hurd brings 10 years of experience in the Military, Federal and commercial sectors of information assurance. Her drive and determination to succeed are evident in every assignment the Falkland Group executes.

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